Legendary nude cabaret Crazy Horse Paris is coming to Sydney

WITH long hair and sky-high stilettos, a woman in silhouette poses on all fours above a curved seat, her back dipped into a perfect arch. To the sound of Anthony And The Johnsons, she slides slinkily down and into a seamless high kick. “To be a Crazy Girl is to be a woman who is sure she is beautiful, who is sure that she can hold an audience, even if she is the only one on stage,” explains Svetlana Konstantinova, the former dancer turned show manager of the famous nude cabaret, Crazy Horse Paris.

Grittier Cabaret is back in all its glory and debauchery

IT’S been 50 years since Fred Ebb and John Kander’s tribute to the decadence and debauchery of 1930s Berlin hit the stage, but Cabaret is still as anarchic as it ever was. Anyone expecting a re-enactment of the Bob Fosse-choreographed razzle dazzle of the 1972 movie musical is in for a surprise however. With producer David M. Hawkins and director Nick Christo at the helm, this is a grittier, more sinister and more nuanced version — and infinitely better for it.